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by Randall D. Larson

The MEGA-SHARK, SHARKTOPUS, and SHARKNADO films from The Asylum, have invented a whole new sub-genre of exploitation films which flaunt their own delicious audacity and celebrate the fun one can have in giant creature absurdity.  More creative and less derivative of the studio’s “mockbusters,” these over-the-top science fantasy parodies have found their own unique niche and attracted their own devoted audiences.  With SHARKNADO 2 coming into its own as a worldwide phenomenon, and veteran Asylum composer Chris Ridenhour’s score coming out next month from Lakeshore Records [along with Ramin Kousha’s musical score from the first SHARKNADO movie], Ridenhour seems to have officially “arrived” into the whirlwind of popularity surrounding the cyclonic success of this notoriously entertaining cinematic subspecies. – rdl

Q: What is the role of music in The Asylum’s brand of filmmaking? Is there a particular musical format, formula, or style that is asked for – and have you experienced that chancing developed over the years as their films have blossomed in the public eye?


With Sharknado 2 director Anthony C. Ferrante


Jully 2014


Sharknado 2 live interview with Joe Armstrong. 
Listen to the Podcast  


March 2013

We go behind the scenes for this Twenty Questions and we visit The Asylum once once to speak with what this reviewer has respectfully coined the phrase, “The John Williams for The Global Asylum.” 


This was a lot easier than listing the many movies he has scored for The Asylum.  We hope you enjoyed the musical montage. 


Chris, thank you for this honor! 


Matchflick:  Chris, I am assuming that you did not just jump into the Asylum fold.  What non-Asylum movies have you scored? 


Chris:  I've scored some indie films including a psychological mystery THE DEPOSITION by Eddie Mensore, several documentaries for directorDaniel Lusko and some shorts by Stephan Fleet. This year I have a several coming up, an awesome movie called DESTRUCTION: LAS VEGAS by MEGASHARK director Jack Perez starring Barry Bostwick, BULLET for director Nick Lyon starring Danny Trejo and 11 SECONDS from director Daniel Lusko with Casper Van Dien. 

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